Visit these 7 countries before the others!

Visit these 7 countries before the others!

Visit these seven countries before the others They are small, but big enough for the the perfect holiday

Visit these seven countries before the others! They are small but big enough for the perfect holiday. Once the greatest empire in the world, while today isolated and uninhabited land where you can really feel free. Stop, for the a start, in the capital Ulan Bator take a tour and see the monument to Genghis Khan …
There are countries with whom you can not go wrong if you select them as a destination for the their next trip. Among them are, of course, France, Italy, Spain, China and many other superpowers, but what about the small countries in terms of tourism that are not so many know? Why would the holidays such as paid spend in Mongolia or Slovakia?
Therefore, because these countries would have a lot to offer, so if you choose one of the following destinations for the vacation, you will not make a mistake.


Population: 5.4 million

Interesting fact: ‘breakup’ with the Czech Republic in 1993 was named ‘velvet divorce’.
Slovaks from their neighbors picked up best: brew of Czechs, Poles diligence, Austrian architecture, the beauty of the Ukrainian and Hungarian food.
This country is not yet sufficiently discovered as real gem for the the trip. The cultural and geographical diversity is great, prices are more than reasonable, castles, Renaissance church, beautiful nature and fantastic food has to throw, so if you decide to come here, you certainly will not miss it.


Population: 5.4 million

Interesting fact: According to statistics, Singapore nation are the fastest in the world.
The first thing they notice at all of Singapore is its ‘abnormal’ arrangement

Here on the floor you will not see a piece of paper, let alone chewing gum that is not welcome, so, first of all, pay attention to cleanliness. Country is a great choice for those who enjoy the food, this is really true gastronomic paradise and this at any time of the day. You’ll also find restaurants with Michelin stars, but if you love to eat, go in Singapore!

Costa Rica

Population: 4.8 million

Interesting fact: Costa Rica is home to more butterflies than the entire African continent.

If you have ever imagined a vacation so that you surf in the morning, afternoon resting in the green, night bathing in the hot springs of water in this case is Costa Rica first place for you.
This country is a natural paradise, including a quarter of the country waste in national parks inhabited by crocodiles, monkeys … Ideal for adventure like rafting, hiking, scuba diving, and as its name suggests, its coastline is really rich!

Dominican Republic

Population: 10.4 million

Interesting fact: The Dominicans successfully play baseball, so that 10% of players in MLB league consists of exactly those.

A destination that is popular with us, but many travel agencies offer to travel to and accommodation in well-known resorts such as Punta Cana. Well, you’d rather avoid resorts and experience the spirit of the country where they met European, American and African cultures. Eat a delicious lunch in Santo Domingo, if you love sport, see a baseball game, a beach that you can choose, you can not miss.


Population: 37,000

Interesting fact: The citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble in the famous casino in Monte Carlo.
First of all, the state tax oasis for numerous, including his residence here have athletes and actors from around the world. Place this and for the expensive purchases, yacht, fun, but if you are not as rich as Croesus, in Monaco you can go quite well. This day pays to spend a tour of the palace and the oceanographic museum, which will not be too impoverish your budget.


Population: 2.8 million

Interesting fact: The least populated country in the world.
Once the greatest empire in the world, while today isolated and uninhabited land where you can really feel free. Stop, for the a start, in the capital Ulan Bator and see the monument to Genghis Khan, which is higher than that of Christ in Brazil. After the town, it’s time to go into nature. Go to the north, to the town of Khatgal, rent a horse and start exploring. Or clearly, if you and not so much an adventurer, take a jeep and a tour of the natural beauty of Mongolia begins.


Population: 11.2 million

Interesting fact: The first casino in Europe was opened more than 300 years in the city spa.
Beer, chocolate and waffles: things that first come to mind at the mention of Belgium. Well, let at moment food items. Although people would expect that the Brussels cold bureaucratic city, it is anything but that. The city is full of different, but nice people, so do not let the recent terrorist attacks ‘stampede’ of Belgium.

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