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1st LG Credit licensed moneylender can provide foreign working in Singapore a fast loan for foreigner loan approval. Expats in Singapore can get a loan to solve your financial situation. We provide online loan application it is convenient and fast approval. For the person who is working or studying in an overseas country is very hard to settle the financial emergency problem. In past foreigner is difficult to apply for a personal loan in Singapore.

At 1st LG Credit, we promise to offer you flexible foreigner loans with easily. You might have experience financial circumstance before the next payday and our loan products can assist you any time.

We realize the troublesome to borrowing money from your family member while working in a foreign country. Our mission here is to provide another credit option to keep you continue before the next payment comes in. Working in a foreign country is very difficult while encounter financial problem then life becomes unbearable. Your friends might not enough money to borrow you, therefore, our foreign loans are the best solution for you.
At 1st LG Credit, we have assisting many expats to access easy financing throughout the years. We are one of a most discussing licensed moneylender in the country this is because our loans products are customized to fit every customer requirement. Either you in short term or long term contract, we have a various loan product that can suitable your needs.

Simple Steps for Foreigners to get Loans from 1st LG Credit

In case, you expats need money urgently, in Singapore, they are a lot of license money lender is offering loan for a foreigner. Particularly, this loan is provided with a loan to a person who not a Singapore citizen or Singapore Permanent Residence in the country. We are providing an easy way to reach us such as an online application or phone call. After that our consultant will contact you to supply some documents. The list of the required document is:

  • Passport
  • Valid work permit, S pass or EP pass
  • Employment letter or an appointment letter from your current company
  • A tenancy agreement, phone bills, or PUB bills stated your current residential address
  • Most recent 6 month bank statement
  • Most recent 3 month pay statement
  • Residence tenancy agreement

This loan is an offer to a foreigner with aged between 21 -65 years old by Ministry of Law Singapore. The application process is within an hour.

Repayment and scale of the loan

Usually, repayment is monthly or bi-weekly, base on the condition state in the agreement. About foreigner loan there are two kinds of choices there are secured loan or unsecured loan. For a secured loan you have to collateral something in order to get the highest amount of loan. Besides that unsecured loan, money lender will justify the maximum amount of the loan according to your monthly income. Below is the loan scale of the loan amount for a foreigner working in Singapore:

  •  In case your annual income is less than $10,000 can get a loan up to $1,500;
  •  Your annual income is less than $20,000 can get a loan up to $3,000;
  •  If your annual income is $20,000 or greater can get loan up to 6 months of your income;

1st LG Credit story

1st LG Credit is a licensed money lender in the city with decades of combined experience in the financial industry. Our consultant provides professional financial services with various loan product including personal loan and business loan. In addition, our company have a powerful foundation of trust and reliance, which can differentiate us from other competitors. If you are searching a most trusted and efficient foreigner loan service in Singapore, call us now.

Actually all of our well trained financial consultant with long-run experience in financial trading. Hence they can provide the best advice on all our loan product. In addition, we will dedicate an experience loan consultant to assist on your foreign loan application process. All our professional consultant are very polite and knowledgeable assure you get the best service with 100% satisfaction. Usually, our commitment is over your expectations by offering the best foreigner loan.

For more inquiry regarding our foreigner loan or other product
Do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6299 6654. Visit our office at 304 Orchard Road #02-29 Lucky Plaza, Singapore, 238863.

1st LG Credit Foreigner Loan

For instant, if you are a foreigner looking for quick credit, do not hesitate to call us today. Our financial consultant is ready to serve you any time. The foreigner loan can make use to solve all type of emergency including medical, living expenses, educational, and any other pressure demand you might have.

1st LG Credit Pte Ltd formerly known as Lekshmi Moneylender. Our company endorsed by Ministry of Law since the year 1991.

First of all, you just need to fill up a simple online application form then our loan consultant will get back to you with the hour. Eventually, our loan process ensures fast and trusted access to cash without any delays.

The benefit of 1st LG Credit

Indeed the difficulties get the loan from banks so money lender is the best solution to you. Our company promise to provide simple and easy foreigner loan application process. There is a lot of reason that showing we are better than others lender. Below is the list of reason:

  • Unsecured loan: Our foreigner loans are unsecured and you can easily get loan financing if you have a job in Singapore as a foreigner.
  • The flexibility of repayment: We create customized loan products to fit all people demands. Our loan consultant will examine and determine the best solution for you to ensure you get a loan with considering your repay abilities.
  • Confidentiality and reliable: Our team are managing the work under a strict code of ethics. All our customer’s personal details are secure on our database and our website has a strictly high privacy policy.
  • Easy loan application: The process of applying for foreigner loan Singapore is easily done from the online application. The approval of your loan and processing is fast as within the hour you can get the money.
  • Lowest interest charge: We provide the LOWEST interest rates for foreigner loans in Singapore. You may compare our rates with other moneylenders.
  • Licensed money lender: 1st LG Credit is licensed and all services are executing comply of the regulatory authorities.

It is true that applying for a foreigner loan in Singapore can be a harder task, but at 1st LG Credit we promise to give chance for you.

For more inquiry about our foreigner loan or others, a product does not hesitate to contact us at +65 6299 6654. Visit our office at 304 Orchard Road #02-29 Lucky Plaza, Singapore, 238863.

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