Business Loan

Business Loan


Establishment and developing a business in Singapore is very harsh for a new generation. The economics of global uncertainty, therefore, impact business in all industry slowdown. The economy of the United Kingdom is unstable, new leadership in the United States, commercial in the country become harsher today. Hence 1st LG Credit decided to assist the business owner to meet their target by offering most flexible business loans. Our main task is to provide easy financing to give a boost to commercial in the country to optimize and enlarge their business operations. In fact, our business loans are suitable for any industry including restaurant, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail among all others.

Most of the entrepreneur used up all their personal saving to furnish up their business demand. Some of the fortunate business owners can get the support from relatives to fund the business in the very early footstep.

Eventually increasing fund is the most stressful and challenging. Since banks and other financial institution are strict with their loan qualification. Hence many of the business owners can’t meet the requirement. Therefore, 1st LG Credit currently offering a best legal solution to traditional lending for the business owner who searching for financing. We understand the significant role of business play in this economy thus we are lending a hand to assist them to broaden. Our flexible business loans are created to boost the local company, and then this will improve the national economy.

Moreover, 1st LG Credit licensed money lender is promoted business loan package including short term and medium term in Singapore. Nowadays, there is secured loan or unsecured loan to your business and finance on a different project as and while demand arises. Provided a flexible selection of amount, repayment and others details. So every business owner can get a most appropriate debt fund resource from us.

Concise of 1st LG Credit

1st LG Credit is one of the top productions of sale licensed moneylender. In this tough financial economic our business is grown and evolved. We are offering the best package of business loans to suit all types of business to give hand for them build their business among this uncertainty environment. If you are searching for fund infusion to your start up or gaining your cash flow forbidding new project. We are the best choices for you. Our loan consultant is stand by to examine your financial demand and provide a rapid solution.

Besides that, our company is building on reliable and integrity and this is differentiating us outstanding from other lenders in this financial industry. 1st LG Credit is fully organized by the Singapore Ministry of Law. Our professional financial well trained with a high code of ethics. We are concern about the integrity of our relationship with the customer. Therefore we become one of the most recommend business loans in the country.

In addition, our consultant team is highly capabilities with experience across the financial industry. We are committing to maintain illustration satisfaction every time while you use our services, therefore, we can have a strong customer foundation. We understand the harsh part of running a business in Singapore. Therefore, we provide the simplest loan application process to the business owner.

1st LG Credit Business Loans

” The Entrepreneur ” show stated about 80% of small business and medium business defeated within the first and two years. The major issue regarding the findings is a financial problem. Our 1st LG Credit business loan is creating to guarantee your commerce can be carrying on. Nowadays, the world wide economy is unstable; if you are developing your business in this time it is a harsh mission. We understand that to gain capital to your business is very hard.

Indeed, we promise to offer the easier process of application for your business to survive in the local and international market. Our business loan is developing to meet any financial emergencies be their expansion, advertising, purchase stock, renovation among other demands. We have assisted thousands of business owner to stay in the current uncertain economic environment. Therefore we believe you can benefit from our business loan to stay in front of the pack.

The loan application process

For instant, we had accumulated many valuable experience and research. We realize that small and medium-sized businesses could not fulfill bank loan requirement. Our objective is to assist you to get the loan your easily to assure your business keeps developing. We have simplified our loan application process to make it easier for the business owner to apply and get fast approval. In addition, we ensure the process your loan instantly and without unnecessary delay.

To apply for our business loan, please fill the online application form and provide the following document:

  • NRIC copy of the business directors according to ARCA
  • Business premises tenancy agreement
  • Recent ACRA printout
  • Latest six month bank statement
  • Asset evidence
  • Income tax statements
  • Profit and loss statement

The goal of our online business loan application is making things as smooth as possible. By ensuring your business get the necessary cash flow as fast as possible.

Why Choose 1st LG Credit Business Loan?

1st LG Credit is one of the most trustworthy licensed moneylenders since 1991. 1st LG Credit Pte Ltd formerly named as Lekshmi Moneylender. Although there are a lot of moneylenders in the country, our loan products are the most outstanding. There are a lot of reasons to choose our business loan:

  • Ease of application and processing
    After you submit all the information and documents that required, our consultant will examine and approve your loan within the hour.
  • Flexible loan products
    We realize that all business is distinct therefore our loan consultant will examine and produce a customized business loan that most suitable for your demands.
  • Flexible repayment plan
    We have optimized our loan packages to make borrower repay easily. Our loan consultant will examine and judge available selection that most fit your business demand.
  • Outstanding customer service
    We have a team of well trained loan advisor is stand by to respond to all inquiry regarding the business loan application and the condition of the contract.

Get in touch for more information on our flexible business loans, do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6299 6654. Visit our website to get more information
Visit our office at 16, Kerbau Road, #02-01, Singapore 219155.

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