Travel 101: Go beyond the travel itinerary to be a master traveler!

Travel 101: Go beyond the travel itinerary to be a master traveler!

Travel 101: Go beyond the travel itinerary to be a master traveler!

Here are the differences between travelling with an itinerary and without an itinerary:

Going on a travel vacation with an itinerary is an excellent way to keep costs low, be time efficient, and visit as many places as you can on a low budget without wasting time. However, the biggest problem of travelling with an itinerary is that you mostly visit the standard travel spots and you don’t explore beyond what you have in your itinerary.

If you’re a master traveller, then you need to go beyond travelling on an itinerary. Take the path not taken and truly discover what a travel destination has to offer.

Travelling with no plan may seem daunting and uncertain, but it can be worth it. Here’s how you can do it.

Ditch the Guidebook

A travel guide is probably your go-to-book to discover the next place you have to visit. It makes life simpler for you. There is a list of locations in the book and you want to visit them.

And, that’s why you want to ditch it. Sure, the guidebook makes your travelling days easy, but it also limits where you’re going. You are going to visit locations, hubs and restaurants that the book tells you to visit.

When you ditch the guidebook, you’re opening your travel plans to new experiences beyond the set itinerary.

Hit the Streets

Well planned itineraries always have you travelling in comfort aka a private vehicle. Here’s the problem – you are looking at the world through the looking-glass. Hit the streets and get walking. If the destination is far, take local transportation.

Why should you do so? Travelling in a private vehicle takes you from point A to B. BUT, when you hit the streets and walk, you are opening yourself to really exploring the place. Worried about getting lost when using local transportation? Don’t worry! If you do get lost, you’ll have an experience and a great story to share. Isn’t travelling about the stories and experiences that you take back with you?

Walk into the local restaurant

Want to go to some fancy restaurant? Don’t! Instead, just walk into a local restaurant you spot on the street or eat at a food stall. Real local food is the food that everyone eats. You give yourself a chance to eat authentic food and real savour the meal.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t visit well-established restaurants, but don’t completely skip out on local restaurants either.

Talk to the Locals

Get out of your comfort zone and talk to the locals. If you want to find those paths less travelled, you won’t find that information online, you’ll have to talk to a local. Even though the language may be a barrier, try talking to your hotel receptionist or restaurant waiter. If you are going to discover new locations which you haven’t heard of, it is going to be the locals who can recommend them to you.

Embrace the Adventure

Going beyond the travel itinerary to be a master traveller is all about embracing the adventure side of life. Time to break from your comfort zone!

  • Be ready for uncomfortable situations
  • There will be situations where you have to tough it out
  • Embrace the uncertainty of not having a plan or not knowing what comes next
  • Walk into the unknown and be confident that you’ll be fine
  • Look forward to the joy of success when you go down the path less travelled

Travelling with no plan does not mean you book a flight, get on-board and then figure out where you are going to stay, visit and eat. It simply means you don’t always stick to the itinerary be flexible, and ALWAYS be on the lookout for an unexpected adventure!

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