Top 3 Investments In Singapore (2017 update)

Top 3 Investments In Singapore (2017 update)

Top 3 Investments In Singapore

Singapore provides a plethora of investment options that can make your money grow with ease. Unfortunately, not everyone likes the idea of assuming risk for growing their money and earning handsome returns. We have the list of the top 3 investment options in Singapore that will keep your money safe and help you grow your principal. Remember, any investment comes with risk but it is efficient risk management and the decision to opt for the right options that help you become a good investor. Ready? Here we go.

Investments you should not miss in Singapore


Many people love to assume risk on their investment. However, it takes years to understand which stocks work and which don’t. If you are an ambitious but clueless investor, this is the right investment opportunity for you. It will help you earn the best market return without making you fret about the right stocks to buy in the market. The Straits Times Index (STI) is one of the best ETFs in the market today. It can provide the biggest returns, sometimes as big as the best performing stocks in the SGX.

Keeping your money in the STI is always a good option as it selects only the most profitable and valuable options in the market. Securities that fail to perform are automatically deleted from the database while fresh securities are added to the portfolio that will enhance your returns. The STI works only on top 30 securities trading at the Singapore exchange. The long-term advantages of the ETF outpace the risks, making it a lucrative opportunity.

Property Portfolios with REIT

Property investment in risky and demands lump sum amounts too. However, when you take the REIT route, risks are managed well and returns become better. It helps you invest in several Singapore properties at once. This helps in risk diversification, which can save the day when it comes to your hard-earned money. The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) provides a modern twist to traditional property investments. When you buy the REIT, you become the part owner of a property. Buying the REIT is also very easy and you can easily become a landowner by investing only a small part of your money. It does not require major lump sum investments too.

Corporate Bonds

Bonds are debt instruments and are generally not known for producing high returns. They are considered safe investment where at least the principal and a small appreciation over it is guaranteed. However, corporate bonds are a different territory altogether. These bonds are suitable for investors who do not want to assume risk but want a high return. As these are debt instruments, repayment is mandatory for the company and a default would mean a serious financial blow to the company. Corporate bonds are also listed on the stock exchange where they can be traded with ease.

These 3 investment options can be added to your investment portfolio right away. They will help you in getting better returns with low to medium risk and are especially profitable in the long term.

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