The Importance of credit card score (2017 update)

The Importance of credit card score (2017 update)

Today, technology is fast pacing out conventional ways of doings things ranging from communication, fashion, transport to banking. We are moving towards a paperless and cashless year where everything is revolutionized and transformed to technology based. These changes are significant and appreciable alike. Well, we are always surrounding by endless business activities, and the banking sector is awash with numerous transactions day in day out.

New trends of banking continue to emerge, and one of such, which has taken a toll on almost every US citizen, is the credit card. The US has become a country where every transaction is undertaken using a credit card, and the better one’s credit is, the higher one becomes creditworthy. But even if this remains the case, a question will always emerge; at least among a few individuals who perhaps still grapple with the whole idea of a cashless society.

What is a credit card score?

Everything deserves a better approach and understanding. The same goes for what is always meaning by a credit card score. Well, simply put, credit card score can be taken to mean creditworthiness of an individual. This basically means, to what degree is one able to access financial services such as loans, grants and insurance covers. Credit card score in financial terms means the average lending or borrowing rate accredited to an individual and to what extent is one able to access these services.

Today, every US citizen undertake virtually all transaction using a credit card, and it stands that the better one’s credit card score is, the more financially secure one is. Credit card score signifies a three digit number conventionally ranging between 280 and 850. The lower number of 280 indicates lowest credit card score and hence limited access to crucial services. The high end of 850 indicates highest credit card score which means multiple accesses to numerous financial services. Credit card score for every individual is to measure between these ranges to determine their creditworthiness.

Who calculates credit card score?

Living on the higher side of life means living affluently, and this ostensible means, one’s creditworthiness is acceptable by financial institutions making such an individual access loans, grants and insurance services. To find your credit card score would mean paying credit card bureaus a visit. Credit card bureaus are agencies charge with the mandate of determining an individual’s credit card scores, and this is usually base on a person’s credit report. Several tools, which include an individual’s loan and purchasing history, are usually using to calculate this. This is basically credit history of a person. The purchasing score card is; therefore, obtained from credit card bureaus.

Why do you need a good credit card score?

Credit card bureaus in the US like Equifax, Trans Union and Experian will always keep one informed on their creditworthiness. A good credit card score points towards the ability to access student loans, home mortgages, insurance services and loans which are essential for a life of financial freedom. One should; therefore, ensure to maintain a good credit score history and financial leverage will always be achievable.

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