Moneylender in Bukit Timah

Moneylender in Bukit Timah

Licensed Moneylender in Bukit Timah

If you are ever in Bukit Timah, you should know that 1st LG Credit is the best licensed moneylender in Bukit Timah. We have an excellent and outstanding track record of customer satisfaction. We also offer very low rates of interest. Additionally, our loan approval percentage is very high too. If you do not believe us, you can ask any of the borrowers that have already take a loan from us prior. You can read all about their rave reviews and comments on moneylender review websites, such as Credit Review.

All the excellent feedback that we have been getting from our customers just spur us into improving ourselves. Even though we already provide very good service, we are constantly trying to improve. This is because we see it as a challenge that we must over come. Our way of improvement is to constantly think that there is more we can do. Or that there are ways in which we can do something better. This way, you can be assure that every time you visit us, you will be able to enjoy a higher level of customer satisfaction and service.

Moneylender in Bukit Timah

We are also very specialize in what we do. Our loan officers can be your financial advisers. You may rely on their knowledge to help you get out of any financial woes you may have. As they have already access many different loan cases, they have a very big pool of experience and knowledge that you can tap on.

As for our location near to Bukit Timah, we are really accessible too. All the major bus routes and train routes service our central location. Wherever you may be in Singapore, coming to our offices should take less than an hour. Even at peak traffic. Thus, 1st LG Credit is the best and most convenient licensed money lender in Singapore. You may contact us today or visit our offices to find out more about what we can do for you.

Address : 304 Orchard Road #02-29 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863

Telephone No. : +65 6299 6654

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10AM – 7PM, Saturday 10AM – 5PM, Sunday 7AM – 6PM


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