Making deals through one-on-one conversation

The setting and the mood of a prospect can become a tool for agenda setting. A little prior knowledge of the Prospect or Client can give you an edge. However, it is essential for us as business executives, company representatives or agents who are engaged daily in the task of product description, sales and marketing, writing and submitting of proposals and meeting with gate-keepers of prospects, to understand that, one on one conversations do not necessarily have to be planned, it can as well be spontaneous. Have you ever visited a golf course? In fact, you can get that proposal forwarded to a top executive by just taking a walk down the other end of the grassy surface. It may sound absurd to table your request to a relaxed mind. Of course, the CEO at the golf course isn’t coming to do business.

Getting Attention

Discussing issues relating to right wing politics or the Test Series involving India and Pakistan could serve as a good starting point in our one-on-one business conversations. Making business deals require good communication skills, a deep sense of observation, listening and keeping it real, short and being focus. We can get the most out of one on one meetings by summarizing the content of our presentation. In addition, allow for response in the form of questions from our curious Client. By keeping out some aspects of discussions, we can get 100% attention from people who are always in a hurry. They can exhibit their curiosity by asking “how do you think that’s going to be possible?”, “are you sure of what you just said”? or “wow! That will be interesting, tell me something”.

Making use of Visual Presentations

Many are unaware of the impact of making use of visual presentations through the use of photographs, maps, charts, art works and drawings during one-on-one business conversations. All these are appetizers in our efforts at making business deals. A photograph can save you the time and energy. Visual presentations create a lasting impact in the mind of individuals we are meeting with.In a large organization, where the staff are multi-taskers, where everyone works round the clock to ensure that targets are met and the organizational goals are accomplished, pouring out our submissions through word of mouth can be boring and not only that, many important details might be lost.

Maintaining Eye Contact

We sometimes are overwhelm by the need to convey a message, present a proposal or answer to questions, that we ignore the recipient. Maintaining eye contact is key in ascertaining someone’s disposition towards our presentation. Whenever we are engage in one-on-one business conversations. Unlike machines, who receive commands and act on it immediately we order them, human beings. Especially educated and skilled ones and indeed those who have wealth of experience in their career often process the information they receive and try them in their mental faculty. The information process in our brain makes us exhibit expressions, which must be look out for when making business deals.

Getting the most of people at any given time

No business can survive alone. In fact, our survival is based on the social interactions we engage in, day in day out. In case, you’re traveling for instance on a business trip, you are always not alone. Whether you are traveling in a first class Emirate Airline or in the Economy category, you might be surprise that your one-on-one business conversation albeit, in an informal setting, could be the magic necessary in making that all important business deal. It is essential that we display an attitude of politeness, sometimes. However, it requires a sense of humour, showing appreciation and greetings.

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Agree with one on one conversation can making business success.
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