Livin’ La Vida Loca this summer

Livin’ La Vida Loca this summer

Livin’ La Vida Loca this summer

When the sun heads west, the Spanish skies come  calling. The cities of South and Central America are bless with some of the most incredible sights and classic weather conditions during the summer. As the sun shifts towards west, popular vacation spots in Europe and North America start bundling up for the arrival of the winter.

On the other hand, the cities south to the Equator start unfurling their scenic attractions and come alive with celebrations and revelry at the same time. With its cottony, blue skies and azure tinted lakes, South America offers travelers a land of adventure, waiting to be explore. So, if you want to live La Vida Loca this summer, south is the direction to move.

To make your planning a little easier, here’s a list of best countries to visit in South America:

Punta Del Este

With a shoreline stretching beyond the eyes can see, Punta Del Este is a place of mystery and gaiety. This tiny, coastal town is divide in two neat halves by a massive marble structure name Mano de Punta del Este. Initially designed to warn travelers about the upcoming tides. This hand-shaped statue divides the city of Del Este into 2 halves. Mansa – golden, thick sand beaches and Brava – white, fine-sand beaches, giving travelers an all-inclusive, beachy heaven to laze the summer away.

Rio de Janeiro

You haven’t lived La Vida Loca, if you haven’t lived Rio. Stunning, wild and exhilarating, Rio is a city that never disappoints. Visit the twin beaches of Copa Cabana and Ipanema or revel in the cosmopolitan lights of the city, with its sensual temperament and gorgeous, natural beauty, Rio has something for everyone.


The land of Alpacas and pan flutes has so much more to offer. A relatively untouched beauty, this Peruvian city is an escape we all want but seldom get. Hosting streets lined with majestic, Inca architecture, Cusco’s oriental beauty gives solace to every traveller that enters its gates. Absorb the grandeur of the Qoriacancha palace or visit the city’s beautiful cathedrals, Cusco is a place that shouldn’t be missed.


A haven for wildlife explorers, Merida is known for its unique, Venezuelan culture and rich, natural beauty. Home to 4 national reserves and wildlife centuries, this city is South America’s best kept secret. Visit the picturesque relics of Spanish architecture or go for a wild jungle safari, Merida is a journey you will never forget.


In fact, travellers who love living on the edge and seek thrill at every go, turn to Bogota. Energetic and unpredictable, the Columbian capital excites you at every turn. Hub of heritage monuments and artistic displays, every street of Bogota is unique in its authenticity. Enjoy the delicious cuisine at one of its several groovy food joints. And then walk off the meal marvelling at its cobblestoned center – La Candelaria.


For everyone who loves living large and living now, Patagonia is the place to go. Surrounding by some of the most treacherous terrains in Southern America. This Chilean region comes alive when the sun crosses the equator. Hosting an abundance of scenic beauty, it is easy to lose yourself in the sunny, white skies and deep, cobalt lakes of Patagonia. This cross-section between Chile and Argentina also offers a surfeit of adventurous sports like trekking and jet skiing.


In case, Paris is your idea of romance, think again. This Ecuadorian beauty can change your mind easily. Renowned for its fresh, hot-water springs, Banos is a land of floating cottages, sensuous saunas and fun waterslides. Surrounded by large volcanoes and stark mountains, Banos’ sunny climate and exotic cuisine relaxes and excites travelers at the same time.

These are our picks of the best countries to visit in South America. So pick up that beat and get twirling travellers. South America is waiting to dazzle you away.

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