Holiday at the end of the world – The perfect place to escape from reality

Holiday at the end of the world – The perfect place to escape from reality

Holiday at the end of the world – The perfect place to escape from reality

Year has just begun and already you had enough? The boss won’t stop yelling, cluck-law, friends left roots and they don’t even call for a drink? Oh yes, we know how you feel. So we look for the best places to hide and escape from it all.  And at the end of the world!

Waldsetzkasten, Vorarlberg, Austria

This home is just a bigger shed in the forest. In case, you are one of those who like to read a book by the birds and puff, then this cottage is right place for you. Architecture at first glance looks unfinished, but that’s all part of the design. The inner part of the cabin is designed so that every guest leaves something of his, which is then filled with the gaps in the walls.

Greenhouse, Lombardy, Italy

The thick leaves and wild flowers covering its exterior, the garage looks like it is taken over by nature again.Pitch roof provides the perfect base for climbing vegetation, which slowly covers the whole garage and so it turns into an extension of nature. The right place if you want again to reunite with nature.

The project Sledge, Qaasuitsup, Greenland

In these shelters the sleigh at a time can be accommodated six people. Sled are designed so that they can effortlessly pull dogs or snowmobiles. Dutch designer Rob sweer devised the concept for the purposes of therapeutic rehabilitation for children, to help them learn the skills of local hunters hunting in the wild. All homes are eco-friendly, and can be rented out rehabilitation program.

Pump House, Victoria, Australia

These huts are built on wooden poles above the lake and no problem can be moved from one location to another. Cabins are fully self-sustaining and solar panels, wood heating and container for storing rainwater make these huts ideal for long-term escape from reality.

Bivouac Luca Vuerich, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Situated 2,531 meters above sea level in the Julian Alps, this shelter is positioned on top of the mountain trails. Cottage was build in just one day, material for construction was transport by helicopter, but once in her fit of nine people. Here youmother in law could not find … annihilate …

Mobile home APH80

It only takes eight weeks to house making and a day to put together the preferred basis, and once the draw can be moved with the help of a truck or tractor. The whole is built of concrete, and the doors are sliding and glass. Therefore, the house is perfect for those who like to stretch their escape in multiple locations.

The mansion Gotland, Sweden

Designed to protect against unforeseen Swedish climate, this summer has outdoor living room with sliding shades and glass walls. The design is designed to display the traditional construction of the area. Besides that, Inside the house there is a Jacuzzi, a bedroom and a luxury kitchen.

Vega, Trondelag, Norway

These houses offer a view on three sides – the ocean, the mountains and the valley. They are located on the island of Vega in the Norwegian archipelago and designed to withstand all weather conditions throughout the year. The exterior walls are made of pure concrete, and the interior are covered with wood. Hence, the furniture is design and each cottage has its own indoor swimming pool and a kitchen.

Casa Maitencillo, Valparaiso, Chile

Simple blocky architecture of this house with a roof that rises in two directions, it fits perfectly into the environment. Hence, the house is situated in the midst of desolation and within a few kilometers there is no living soul except rooms stray hyenas and snakes. A perfect place for a luxurious escape and relax without cell phones and the Internet.

Garage, Washington, USA

This was once a dilapidated garage, which the owner decided to turn into a luxury destination on the shores of the lake. The entire garage is built of glass, and the interior is decorated in a minimalist style without completely unnecessary things. The space is dominated by wood-burning fireplace that is used for heating in winter.

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