The Hidden Secrets of Becoming a Money Magnet (2017 update)

The Hidden Secrets of Becoming a Money Magnet (2017 update)

Did you know that your attitudes, work ethics, faith, and your values impact your financial life? You shouldn’t sit there and wait for things to happen. Make things happen instead! So, how can you possibly turn things around and become a successful person? How can you model yourself into a strong money magnet? Here are some of the steps you can take to accumulate more than enough money.

Appreciate What You Have

Do you sometimes take time to appreciate every single dollar you have? If you accidentally drop your money, will you even pick it up? Have you ever purchased what you don’t require, with an assumption that it costed less and you don’t really see any problem having or not having it? No matter how much the item costs, every purchase you make in your life counts. Financially speaking, value your money. Don’t take it for granted even if you had it without a great hassle. They don’t just grow on trees remember!

Have a Right Plan

I can remember those days when I used to be a sales manager. I was arrogant enough to ask my employees how they intended to use their money before I could give to them. Most of them had well defined intentions, while others just wanted more money. If your goal is to purchase a car, pay for college fees, or buy a new house, then the money you are about to get has a tangible goal to fulfill. It is much better than just saying I need more money! Write down what you want to do with the money, and make a follow up to ensure your objectives are attained.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Be grateful for your achievements. Appreciate your job and your ability to make money. You might have not achieved your dreams yet, but that shouldn’t be a reason to frown always. Maintain a thankful heart for what you already have. Mostly, we tend to ignore the good things we have- your beautiful house/apartment, your car, clothes, and many other things. Also, don’t forget to appreciate other essential things that are beyond money. Examples include families, friends, freedom, good health etc.

Be a Frequent Giver

Well, this sounds a little awkward and weird, but it is practical. Giving away and earning a look contradicting, yet very intertwined. By giving, you are seemingly moving away from your goal rather than towards it. Take a close look at givers – they have plenty. Those who share with others are simply creating spaces for more. And even as you give, don’t just do it begrudgingly. Put a joyous smile on your face, and do it with extreme enjoyment.

Make Friends with Successful People

Like someone said, “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are,” mingling with successful people makes you successful in a way. It helps to keep you focused, so you try new strategies of getting money. For example, if you hang out with hardworking businessmen who consistently achieve their objectives, you will emulate their good character and end up as an achiever. But if you are interacting with lazy people, you may pick up on their lackadaisical characters that will hinder your success.

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