First house in Singapore (2017 Update)

First house in Singapore (2017 Update)

Take the bold step; buy your first house in your 20s

Buying an apartment is a dicey decision to make, especially when you are not sure of what is the right age to give it a go. However, it is fast becoming a good idea to give it a shot in your early twenties, if you have a steady source of income.

Factors Singaporeans consider when buying houses

Singaporean life revolves around the family union, so it is common to see people trying to get apartments close to their parents. Nevertheless, the two major reasons that influence the decision to purchase an apartment early in life which are most common are: the zeal to marry and start a new family is the rave of the moment among the young blood with excess adrenaline running in their veins. In addition, people can purchase housing subsidized by government when they clock 35 years of age.

If you consider the following reasons, you will start hunting for a suitable apartment not minding your age.

Discovering who you are

Having your personal condominiums early in life is not just a way of freeing yourself from the claws of your parents, or to give you unlimited time to party, but it enables you to discover who you are and who you care to be in the future. You got all the opportunities to build your career without interference and focus on important things.

Creates better family atmosphere

Too much familiarity brings disagreements since you have lived first twenty years of your life with your family, it worth the effort to give them a little break. By the time, you visit over the weekend, you get all the attention, you may ever dream. Your family will be longing to see you more often since you are no longer living with them.

Signs of maturity

Your ability to afford your own home, foot your bills and care for yourself is a sign that you are mature, responsible and independent of your family. The comfort and privacy your own apartment brings, allow you to grow intimate with your lover.

A long-term investment

Owning an apartment is an investment with long-term returns. It’s a way of keeping your money for a long time, and it appreciates in value unlike liabilities like cars and going for expensive Korean haircuts.

Though buying your first home is not just as easy as partying, it comes with many fiscal challenges. You will service with housing loan and bridging loan. Use pay for renovation and furnish the apartment with other utility bills that will accrue over time.


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