East Not The Least In Canada

East Not The Least In Canada

East Not The Least In Canada

Travel Tips For Eastern Canada

Canada is a very big country. Many people choose to travel through Europe or Asia, or even the United States of America, instead of Canada, solely because Canada seems too big to fully experience. Though this may be true, Eastern Canada is quite concentrated with great cities within a reasonable distance of each other. We’ve compiled a quick list of three of Eastern Canada’s best features.


Montreal is quite unique within Canada. Situated within the French-speaking province of Quebec, Montreal is completely bilingual; this means that the split between French speaking and English is roughly 50/50. If you are an English speaker, you won’t have trouble navigating your way through this city, which is filled with architecture that is new and modern, contrasted with old, historic, European-influenced buildings. The French influence on the city is notable, but if you speak classic French, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will be aided in communication. The Quebecois and the French (from France) have a particular disdain for each other’s approach to the language that is quite comedic from an outside perspective, but very real to both sides of the battle.

Most Delicious Food

Also, don’t forget to try Canada’s most famous contribution to global cuisine, Poutine. Poutine is fries, gravy, and cheese curds blended in a particular way. It is a proudly French Canadian dish, and has made CNN’s “Most Delicious Food in the World” list in the past, and many variations on the Canadian classic can be found. The history, the current artistic culture, and the food are just three of the great things about this wonderful city. They have festivals year round, including winter-based music festivals which warm up the freezing months around the holidays. If you are there between October and June, make sure to check out the historic Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre!


Toronto is a big city. In fact, it is the fourth largest city in the world. Some people call it Canada’s New York. New York City it is not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic urban environment. There is a bustling big city vibe, an incredible music and theatre scene, and a wide variety of highly acclaimed restaurants. Toronto is within an hour (or so) from Niagara Falls by car, which is one of the most beautiful and popular waterfall locales on the planet. Toronto is also home to the NHL’s Maple Leafs, the NBA’s Raptors, and the MLB’s Blue jays; the latter two are important to Canadians as they are currently the nation’s only contributions to the primarily American sports leagues. Toronto offers the urban, cosmopolitan features you may desire from a big city, but with an authentically Canadian twist.

The Maritimes

Canada’s four Eastern-Most provinces, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, all offer their own unique treats, but make up the “Maritime” region of Canada. Other than New Brunswick, the Maritime provinces are islands, and their isolation from the rest of Canada has allow them to maintain a certain culture that is distinctly rich. Cities like Halifax and St John’s place a high emphasis on live music, much of this music is influenced by Celtic styles; much like the rest of their culture. In Newfoundland, many people (referred to by other Canadians as “Newfies”) speak in a charming, quick, and peculiar way. The maritimes are naturally gorgeous, Atlantic gems, and a visit is always fun– even though the weather is known to display Mother Nature’s extremes.


Eastern Canada is a fantastic option if you are looking to travel to Atlantic North America, or Canada in general. The cities are globally significant, and the culture varies from city to city, and province to province. However, if you are looking for relaxing temperatures we suggest you avoid entering these areas between October and April.

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