How can you plan the perfect trip?

How can you plan the perfect trip?

How can you plan the perfect trip?


Ever wondered how some people make the toughest trips look so relaxed and fun? Well, whether one is a spontaneous traveler or an organised one, the secret to their leisurely trips is planning. Believe it or not, planning a vacation trip makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Whether it is the place you are going to rest at each night or the medium of the journey you will be taking to traverse from a place to another, having these things sorted will leave you with a cheerful experience. So follow these steps to engineer the perfect travel itinerary to spend more time exploring the destination and worrying less.

Be Realistic with your Daily Itinerary

Exploring every nook and corner of a state or country in just a span of a day or two is completely unrealistic. If you try doing that, you will end up tiring yourself, not to mention having an unsatisfactory travel experience. So, give yourself some breathing space. Use a map to get a clear idea of time taken to travel from one destination or attraction to another and plan accordingly. Jot down the places you really wish to explore and leave enough time to rejuvenate between each day. But, also be generous when giving each destination or activity a time. Remember you are travelling to not just tick them off your bucket list but also to refresh and nurture your soul.

Have your Documents in Place

Realising your passport has expired while you are almost done with bookings, is the last thing you need. Research all the documentation required at the destination you plan to visit. The visa process can take long and some car rentals need an international permit to render valid your driving license. From the passport and license validity to visa requirements, plan ahead and have your documents in order before anything else.

Book your Flights in Advance

Flight prices can touch the skies as you near your departure date. Unless you are an elite traveller, you don’t want to spend half of your trip savings on flights. Watch out for deals and discounts available with airlines and booking websites. Plus, flight booking hacks like making the booking on specific days or playing with search engines can be utilized to avail the best price.

Book your Accommodation

Finding an accommodation after reaching the destination sounds exciting, but is not realistic. Chances are that you may lose out on the best pick or end up paying more than you budgeted for. So, avoid last minute expenses, especially if you’re on a tight budget and book accommodations in advance. Airbnb, Hostelworld, Agoda, can all help you stay local style. But, if you have the leeway to spend, then you can go for hotels and luxurious stays.

Plan Local Transportation

Doing like the locals do is surely a fun experience. Find out how locals travel at your desired destination. You won’t need car rentals at places like Amsterdam, where you can just rent a bike or journey the city on feet. Again, with the convenient tubes in London, you need not spend on expensive cab rides. But, if driving is the most convenient mode of transport then book car rentals in advance. Consider your preferences and budget and research the modes suited to your needs.

Travel Insurance and Credit Card Validity

Travel insurance is not a necessity but it is best to have in case of an untoward incident. Several travel insurance types are available like trip cancellation, flight cancellation, etc. Many airlines and travel providers sell them. Research the policies well and select the one that suits your needs. Also, do not forget to speak to your credit card company about travelling abroad and fee charges.

Implementing these tips will ensure you have a fun-filled holiday experience. While planning your vacation trip helps, a bit of spontaneity can add some spice to your holiday. Just because you have a scheduled itinerary, does not mean you have to follow it to the T. Ensure that you are flexible enough to not let something too good pass by. After all, travelling is all about feeding your soul with some invaluable experiences.

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