The Best Pizza in Italy: Rome vs. Napoli

The Best Pizza in Italy: Rome vs. Napoli

The Best Pizza in Italy: Rome vs. Napoli

Hold on, before you get too excited– we don’t actually know the specific location of the best pizza in Italy… Actually, we’re sure it’s in the home of a nonna, rather than a restaurant. However, after performing some comprehensive (and delicious) research, we believe we can give a briefing on the two cities in Italy that will offer the best pizza in the world.


Napoli (Naples) is the original home of pizza. Neapolitan pizza has become synonymous with Italian pizza, which has generally become synonymous for “the best pizza in the world.” Originally, pizza was originally enjoy solely by the poor, but Ferdinand IV of Naples love the dish so much that he had a pizza oven built on his property; needless to say, this movement brought pizza to the upper-class, as well.

A real neapolitan pizza is making with a special tomato that grows on the side of Mount Vesuvius, Napoli’s famous volcano. The classic neapolitan pizza was name after Queen Margherita of Savoy; it features a thin crust made from special wheat flour, aforementioned San Marzano tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, basil, and fine extra-virgin olive oil. If you find yourself in Napoli, don’t be afraid to ask locals and try the pizza that you discover yourself, but we can recommend Di Matteo, Pizzeria Port’Alba, Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, and L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. The  Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana is Napoli’s famous institution for ensuring any pizza that labels itself as “Neapolitan” is genuinely authentic and adhering to specific standards– great, traditional pizza is serious business.


Rome was not built in a day, and neither was their philosophy regarding pizza. Though it often shares many of the same basic characteristics. Roman pizza does not have to be as traditional as the pizza of Naples. In Rome, pizza is often found being sold in rectangular slices, but entire pizzas can be purchased as well; the toppings are a typical, and the combinations are creative. The pizza is cooking at a lower temperature, and using a slower, less classical procedure than Napoli’s. The upside of Rome’s pizza scene is that there are authentic Neapolitan pizzerias available as well. Roman pizza is much more difficult to characterize than Napoli’s, and that’s what makes it so great; the possibilities are much wider ranging than the strict but delicious methodologies of Naples. Da Remo and Ai Marmi are two of Rome’s most famous pizzerias, but the options are seemingly endless.


You’re not going to lose. Italians take pizza very seriously. Whether you end up in Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence, Turin, Milan, Bari, Sicily, or any of the villages or towns in between, do some research– whether you use google or choose to go through interactions with locals or experienced tourists, just ask for the best pizza around; chances are, if you’re a serious pizza fan, the results may change your life.

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