Acquiring a life insurance

Acquiring a life insurance

Acquiring a life insurance

Life insurance should be more of mandatory issue rather than consideration. The insured becomes more confident of his or her health coverage regardless of the finance shortcomings. A health safety net is created to carry the insured during his or her battle with health woes.

How do you find the right life insurance company?

Remember, most of these insurance companies may have their own requirements for you to become a valid insured under their coverage. More so, you may have to read through their guidelines and ask as many questions as possible before you make up your mind.

Let everything be very clear to you to avoid misunderstandings in future when the risk occurs. There is no worse feeling which matches being cheated into something yet you had the chance to make a better decision.

Why consider life insurance.

  • Life insurance comes with tax favors unlike other policies.
  • A beneficiary gets a tax free income once death takes its course.
  • Loans of the policies under life insurance are tax free.
  • Insurance policies can be made to suit your needs.
  • The life insurance policy is backed by numerous investments laid by the insurance companies.

Picking a life insurance company.

You as a beginner are looking for a life insurance company which will in the end suit you. This company should back your needs regardless of the times you will claim a compensation in the modern day or many years to come. The areas to take into account when picking a life insurance company are:

  • A company’s background information

A company’s basic information can be a factor to determine whether you should go for their life insurance cover. This information could be the year it was founded, the level of satisfaction and their level of response to the claims made. For you to gauge the level of satisfaction of the individuals under its coverage, go through their reviews.

  • The insurer’s application process

An insurer will take you through lengthy processes for you to finally obtain your life insurance cover. However, be observant of each process by learning the importance emanating from them. You can also choose to seek this information by first asking them before taking the insurance cover.

  • Insurance claim

Check whether the intended company you’d wish to work with has many complaints tracing back to the policies you are considering. Moreover, check the relevance of the claims and see if they correspond to the coverage being offered.

Generally, premium payments may come with specific benefits found in the given policies. Premium payments may be more costly for life policies with lots of benefits, payments reducing with lesser number of benefits found in each policy.

In addition to this, there are also several factors causing the difference in premium payments. These factors are age, type of policy and total life insurance amount under purchase.

Moreover, life insurance companies offer policies based on their own criteria thus the same policies cutting across all the providers may vary in terms of prices.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can premiums increase with time?

The premiums for life insurance coverage can go for years without you having to increase the amount. This is for permanent terms with the insurance company. However there are two scenarios where the premiums could increase.

Scenario one is when you lose track of your payments, piling up as it goes. Scenario two entails choosing a fresh deal with more benefits with your insurer. These additional benefits will come with an increase in amount of the premiums paid.

  1. Is a medical test a requirement?

Most life insurance companies never check into their clients’ health story. They ask about the client’s health progress and give forms for them to fill. Few companies insist on a medical examination especially if the person to be insured is much older. Young insured individuals can be overlooked unless their health is a major concern.

  1. Can I find cover for exclusions?

In the past, life insurance companies avoided certain areas. This is because some of them were more of suicidal rather than an unexpected risk worth covering. Nowadays, these insurance companies have decided to venture deeper into these areas with an aim of stretching their financial arm and offering more coverage. Based on this information, you can seek coverage for specific exclusions too.

  1. Between term insurance and permanent insurance, which one is more suitable for me?

The term insurance cover finances one’s health expenses for a year or more based on the period specified in the policy. The premium amount in the beginning is very low and fails to build cash value for future use.  An individual under term insurance can renew the policy for a new term. He or she can choose to increase the premium amount in the new deal.

On the other hand, a permanent insurance gives an indefinite life insurance cover. The insured gets lots of benefits from using it even after death. The beneficiaries can receive something from the deceased as it builds up cash value.

  1. Does my beneficiary have to be under a life insurance cover?

This is not a necessary requirement. Naming your beneficiary so as he or she can receive the policies benefits is indiscriminate of his or her age and status.  The policy you have purchased can also have a number of beneficiaries and not just one.

  1. What does a term insurance offer?

Apart from it covering your health within the specified period, Term insurance ensures your beneficiary gets something in the long run too. This is after your death while still being covering by it.

  1. Is there a main reason as to why insurance agents discourage term insurance?

Insurance agents discourage term insurance since it has higher premium charges in the later years. This may make it difficult for the insured to affordable the new payments. Agents also discourage it since it gives them less commissions as compared to permanent insurance.

  1. What is the role of a participating policy?

A participating policy is one which gives an individual dividends. It grants you a share of the company’s earnings and is issued at the end of the year.

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